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Clean Room Capability

Modern, Secure Facility Featuring Class 10,000 Certified Production Clean Room Meets Your Strict Standards

All the precision clean products we offer are produced in a state of the art ISO certified clean room. Manufacturing is supported by a comprehensive ISO certified quality system, a continuous environmental monitoring climate system, and a fully equipped laboratory.

Every item on every order is made from dedicated materials manufactured exclusively for you. The raw materials are produced only from specific resins supplied by certified suppliers. The raw materials are certified to specific surface cleanliness levels, leachables and extractables, and offgassing levels.

The Pactech warehouse has clearly designated raw material, finished goods, and quarantine areas, and a state of the art bar coding system that ensures complete traceability and the facility has been inspected by the EPA and is current to all required environmental standards.

Available Additives:

  • Fire retardant
  • Tints
  • IPA resistant inks
  • Anti-static

Available Bag Formats:

  • Twin seal
  • Bottom seal
  • Wicketted
  • Tape closure
  • Glove wallets
  • Autobag
  • Bag on a Roll
  • Side gusseted
  • Bottom gusseted